• June 11, 2015

The Best Photos From Your Shot: Drama, Drama Underwater

Becky Harlan

Every day here at National Geographic, our photo editors look through somewhere between 4,000 and 8,000 images that are uploaded to our photo community, Your Shot. Of those images, 12 are selected to shine in what we call the Daily Dozen. And from those photos, only one is chosen. And by chosen, I mean voted on by you, the community. That photo receives the Top Shot honor.

In this group of top-voted images from the weeks of May 25 to June 5, I saw two themes: dramatic light and underwater shots. Sometimes both. Images showing deep dives starring mobula rays, a humpback whale, and a Portuguese man-of-war; the stunning light play from an impending storm and the golden hour; and the way a photographer captures light illuminating a Himba girl’s face or silhouetting a young Darth Vader are anything but subtle.

Picture of an asphalt road pointing straight ahead with a yellow stripe going down the center,  surrounded by green grass on both sides, and a large storm cloud looming overhead
The Ominous Open Road
A high-precipitation supercell thunderstorm rolls across the high plains of the Nebraska panhandle, producing strong winds and large hail in Big Springs, Nebraska.
Photograph by Colt Forney, National Geographic Your Shot
Picture of a forest of birch trees taking up the whole frame, illuminated by golden light
Golden Grove
A forest of birch trees is illuminated by the spring sunset in Estonia.
Photograph by Janek Laanemäe, National Geographic Your Shot
Picture of a humpback whale calf doing a backwards flip under the blue waters with a tilted horizon line, the surface just in view
Topsy Turvy in Tonga
A humpback whale calf swims in the waters of Tonga’s Vava’u Islands. Each year, humpback whales come to Tonga between July and September.
Photograph by Marc Henauer, National Geographic Your Shot
Picture of a silhouette of a child dressed as darth vader running across a hill at sunset against an orange and pink sky
Star Wars Sunset
A boy runs across a field in a Darth Vader costume at sunset.
Photograph by Greg Hogan, National Geographic Your Shot
Picture of a girl from the Himba tribe wearing traditional dress, with her hair coated in ochre and standing very still for a portrait in dramatic lighting
A Himba Girl’s Gaze
A girl from Namibia’s Himba tribe poses for a portrait wearing native dress. Her hair is coated in a paste of ocher and goat butter.
Photograph by William Popik, National Geographic Your Shot
Picture of an electric blue Portuguese man o'war mostly beneath the dark water, with a small portion peeking above the water to a dramatically lit sky
Electric Bluebottle
A Portuguese man-of-war (Physalia physalis), also known as a bluebottle, peeks out from beneath the waters of Shell Cove in New South Wales, Australia. Photographer Matthew Smith experimented with many lighting techniques before getting the exposure just right with fiber-optic snoots on his underwater flashes.
Photograph by Matthew Smith, National Geographic Your Shot
Picture of a long exposure of a waterfall at night as seen from above, stars glow above the green and rocky landscape
Stars Glow, Waters Flow
The Milky Way glows over Palouse Falls in Washington State. This image was created using a 25-second exposure for the stars and then exposing the canyon for around ten minutes to create a composite.
Photograph by Craig Goodwin, National Geographic Your Shot
Picture of a lone tree in a lava field, framed by a double rainbow in the background, set against a blue sky
Aloha Technicolor
A rainbow frames a lone tree and a lava field along Saddle Road on the way to Mauna Kea on Hawaii’s Big Island.
Photograph by Sigmà Sreedharan, National Geographic Your Shot

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  1. Wai Tatiri
    June 19, 2015

    thank you for posting these beautiful images of our planet…

  2. Michael Marinis
    June 12, 2015

    What an incredible set of a pictures…the Palouse Falls was by far my favourite. I just love the combination. But all of them were just wonderful. You made my day, thank you!

  3. Joan Churton
    June 11, 2015

    You have brightened my day.Thank you

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