• April 2, 2015

Instagram Spotlight: Time Machine

Here at National Geographic we are always thinking up new ways to engage and inspire you. I’ve been curating the Found Tumblr since 2013 and to date have posted over 650 vintage photos from our vast archive. Recently, we decided to start posting them on Instagram as well, bringing new life to these old frames.

So whether you visit Instagram daily or once in a blue moon, don’t be surprised when you see something, well, a little anachronistic. Here’s a sample of what we’ve shared so far:

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1956: Tourists on horses ride past a life-size apatosaurus statue in a South Dakota dinosaur park. Photo by Bates Littlehales

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1951: Tourists explore a massive dead tree with tunnel cut out for a road in Sequoia National Forest. Photo by Andrew H. Brown

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1969: President and Mrs. Johnson and Vice President Humphrey watch Apollo 11 lift off at Cape Canaveral. Photo by Otis Imboden

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1942: A portrait of a woman riding an ostrich in South Africa. Photo by Robert Moore

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1907: Portrait of an Ojibway, or Chippewa Indian girl. Photo by Roland W. Reed

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1956: A women’s water ski team lifts skis while being towed at 23 mph on Darts Lake in New York. Photo by Robert Sisson

Learn more about the National Geographic archives and archivist Bill Bonner here.

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  1. karemkhedr
    April 5, 2015

    ‘m proud to be a part of National Geographic, and I’m excited that you’ve joined our online community. Welcome!

  2. rukana
    April 3, 2015

    Nice shot

  3. Liz Reneau
    April 2, 2015

    Not sure what Instagram or tumblir is, love the photos, love wild cats, all horses, birds and just about all animals. Love mountains more than oceans. Thanks for all the entertainment and beauty national geographic has shared with the world!

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